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Travellers Autobarn

Brand Collaboration

Brand collaboration with one of the most affordable but value-packed campervan in the US! The fully stocked kitchen with a running sink allowed us to cook while adventuring in our favorite locations in the desert. My seven-day road trip with Travellers Autobarn was nothing short of excitement and the spacious interior was roomy enough to sleep three adults.

Thousands of miles were driven in this amazing campervan and I had the opportunity to witness the Milky Way under the clearest night sky in Utah, overlook the vast badlands of Utah, zigzag my way down Sonora Pass, and enjoy hot springs under the cold night along HWY 395.

With that said, the work below details my photoshoot for Travellers Autobarn across the Southwest. Project included image deliverables in addition to Instagram posts and stories. Locations include Goblin Valley, Valley of Fire, Sonora Pass, Alabama Hills, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef.


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