Photographer / Creator

Keith Wong

“Photography cannot change the world, but it can show the world, especially
when it change”

-Marc Riboud

I am an avid traveler and landscape photographer based in foggy San Francisco, California.

What started off as a side hobby, quickly became a passionate career I continue to pursue to this day. Photography provided an opportunity for me to capture the limitless beauty in this world through my lens. In a way, it has become a portal that allowed me to look back and relive adventurous memories with the ability to share these experiences with my friends and family.

As my experience in photography continues to grow, I was offered wonderful collaborations with some epic brands including Benro, Joby, Ford, Best Western, and Four Seasons.

While photography is my main jam, I do have outside hobbies as well. My other hobbies include playing basketball and nerding out on board games. I love nature and from time to time, I tend venture out into the unknown with a few friends.

Photography has given me the opportunity to learn more and meet some incredible people, and through their support I am able to continue enjoy doing what I love. I hope you enjoy my work and thanks for riding along with me on this journey!

Interested in working together? Check out my media kit for more info!

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